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The strategic marketing plan is the 30,000 foot view of your company and its destination. Don’t take off without it.


The sum total of your messaging, visuals, customer service and everything else your company puts out in the world – intentionally or not – is the brand you’re creating. Is it working for you? Let’s make sure.


Your website should provide the critical 3 Cs: credibility, communication and commerce. Even if a web site isn’t a top priority, your web visibility to the search engines should be. We can get you there.


With 40 years of professional writing experience, we can provide polished, relevant content for all your online and offline marketing needs.

Find out where to spend your marketing dollars…or not


The discipline of marketing.
Solid marketing strategy is behind everything we do.

For your business or organization to attract and successfully communicate with customers, and thus create long term value, marketing must be an integral part of the life of your organization. For this reason, you should view marketing as a program and process and not a project.

The best way to begin to institute this kind of discipline is with a strategic marketing plan that addresses the specific needs of your business. This plan prescribes how you will successfully identify, satisfy and keep customers.

But let’s say you already have a fully-developed marketing strategy and plan, and you just need help implementing one or more parts of the plan. Our creative, design and project management experience will take your plan and make it a beautiful reality.

  • Marketing plans are our specialty.

  • We make clean, SEO friendly Wordpress sites.

  • Positioning, branding and core messaging are at the heart of our work.

  • We're known for well-written case studies, web content, press releases, sales collateral.

I started Helicopter Marketing in 2005 so that I could help businesses succeed in marketing, because, today, there are more marketing channels than ever.

And have you noticed? The number of options and decisions keeps growing.

Advances in information technology give small companies access to mass and targeted marketing. And that’s good news for the little guy.

However at the same time the ad noise is deafening, making it more and more difficult to know how to get your customer’s attention. Therefore, understanding how to position your organization is a critical piece of your future success.

I believe your marketing strategy is successful if it brings you qualified leads and builds your credibility. So, marketing strategy is what Helicopter Marketing all about.

Whether we are designing a website, an ad campaign or a sales brochure, strategic thinking is the attitude and the fuel driving every project.

Leigh Kramer
Founder & Strategist
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