July 18, 2018

Free consultation

I’ve gotten so many interesting questions over the years that I’ve been a marketing consultant. Some make me shake my head: “So do you, like, tow advertising banners behind a helicopter?” Some elicit a knowing smile: “So you must have a lot of fun doing marketing, don’t you?” And some make me scratch my head: “So…marketing, yeah! Like telemarketing?”

But this is one of the more sensible ones:

“Can I pick your brain a minute?”

If you’ve been thinking about getting some marketing assistance, but you’re not sure exactly what you need, or who you need, it is really hard to know where to start. A free 30-minute phone consultation would be a great first step, whether you wind up working with us or not. This is a no-obligation, fact-finding interview during which you can:

  • Throw out your ugliest marketing problem
  • Assess whether we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to understand your business issues
  • Find out what the options are for working with us
  • Get at least one great piece of advice you can use now

If you’ve been wishing you could pick some marketing expert’s brain, get in touch.

Include in your message your daytime phone number, company name and industry.  Also give us a few words about your top marketing issue.

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