March 1, 2017

Marketing Philosophy

Know Where You’re Going Before You Take Off

Like a pilot without a flight plan, if you try to jump into a marketing project without fundamental strategy and planning, you might get disappointing results. Therefore, we should put first things first.

1. Strategy

A marketing strategy is the result of a “big picture” view of your business, your customers and the market place. Effective marketing strategy helps business growth take on a life of its own. A formal marketing plan is the best way to manage your strategy.

When we develop your marketing plan, we are creating a blueprint for attracting and retaining customers who want and can afford whatever you’re selling. We tie your goals for revenue and reputation to specific strategies. This will keep you from wandering aimlessly from one marketing tactic to another. We prioritize and orchestrate your advertising, marketing and promotional efforts for maximum impact.

The marketing plan is a critical part of your business planning as it specifies how your business is going to achieve future growth.

2. Tactical & Technical

With your overall messaging and positioning strategy in hand, it’s time to decide exactly how you’re going to communicate.

We all know that it’s important to use the right marketing tactics for the job.  If you are a niche B2B, billboards are out and case studies are in. Public radio sponsorship might be just right, top 40 radio, not so much.

If you’re a retailer, social media and a loyalty program probably yields better ROI than mass media. Depends.

What ever your business model, you need to know what you should do and why, and then you need to track it.  We can help you make all of those decisions and then produce the stuff:  Websites, brochures, ad campaigns, sales literature, direct mail, etcetera.

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