July 19, 2018

Marketing Report Card

The Marketing Report Card is the best deal in town. For $59 and a few hours of your time, you can better prioritize your marketing projects, resources, efforts and budget.

This simple assessment contains 35 questions which spotlight the crucial marketing health indicators in your organization. Armed with that information, your planning can become more focused, and you can become aware of aspects of marketing your organization that you haven’t considered.


  • Use the form below to order
  • Receive a PayPal invoice and pay $59 by credit card
  • Receive the Marketing Report Card assessment which covers Branding, Messaging & Positioning, Product Presentation, Web, Market Knowledge and Strategy
  • Honestly evaluate and respond to each of the questions
  • Send the assessment to us


  • Arrange your 45 minute follow up session – by phone or at our office
  • Receive your scores in the six areas, and recommendations on where to prioritize your efforts and budget to have the greatest impact on your branding, positioning and lead-generation.


To be determined by results of follow-up session!

Get yours today and start course correcting now.

A $59 ticket to get out of the marketing
jungle? Send it right away!

Fill out this form and send it in to request your Marketing Report Card, an amazing value. Then we'll send your invoice. Once your payment is processed we'll send you the assessment and instructions. Go for it.

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