September 20, 2017

Who we help

By design, Helicopter Marketing is nimble when it comes to working with our clients.
Like the helicopter that can land anywhere, we can provide perspective, intelligence, and logistics no matter where you are in the marketing jungle. We help companies that:

Have no marketing department

We can help you create, manage and execute a robust marketing program which eventually could transition to a full-fledged internal department.  We can take you through that entire process.

Have an internal marketing person

We can help you make your marketing more strategic, and (in partnership with other vital departments) through business intelligence, we can help you to increase your marketing ROI.

Are taking on a new project or moving in a new direction

We can help you explore possibilities, find and assemble the exact resources, and provide project management.

Need a marketing upgrade

We can help you upgrade the quality and performance of one or more marketing assets or to position your organization for the “*next level.”
*As defined by you.

Have a thought-out campaign idea

We can provide the talent and expertise to beef up your team and implement/execute the campaign.

Our philosophy about marketing >>>